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Play the award-winning cult-classic game restored in true widescreen format for a more enjoyable cinematic experience.

Originally presented in 4:3, remastered in 2016 but with no restoration done on the backgrounds due to technical difficulties. Now being adapted to a more enjoyable cinematic experience for the modern age. ResidualVM (now merged with ScummVM) lets you play Grim Fandango in true 16:9 aspect ratio by using the Widescreen mod, as easy as drag n' drop

For the fans. By the fans. Grim Fandango Widescreen.



This mod upgrades your Grim Fandango with the feature that even the Remastered version lacks - true full widescreen.

The Lucasarts / DoubleFine remastering archives were missing the source files for all the 3D backgrounds, cutscenes and characters. So a creative decision was made to leave them in their original state (640x480px) and not to remake them due to insane work, time and money factors.

A large community of fans has developed reverse-engineered Grim-editors and tools to extract 3D models from 2D images, to upscale resolution to HD and to expand the display area to 16:9 widescreen.

And it works.



To play Grim Fandango with the Widescreen Mod:

  • Download ResidualVM application
    and the widescreen.zip

  • Start ResidualVM and load your
    Grim Fandango's game files

  • Extract the archive and place
    the "widescreen" folder
    inside your Grim's game folder

  • Set "Fullscreen" & "Keep aspect ratio"
    in Residual's video settings

  • Play the game




Download files:

The fan community also developed other mods, one of them being the Deluxe which updates the characters with higher texture and polygon models and brings them on Remaster level. The Widescreen and the Deluxe are indepenedent and can be configured separately... but using both mods brings up Grim Fandango to a whole different level.


To play with updated high-poly and high-res models:

  • Download datausr.lab

  • Copy datausr.lab in the game folder
    next to other *.lab files

  • Enable "Load user patch"
    in the ResidualVM game setings

  • Play the game


* Only 'Year One' remastered models available. Disable when 'Year Two' is reached.



One of the upcomming features are the 4K ESRGAN HD backgrounds, a great improvement over the Remastered edition's 640x480 images taken from the original version (used because the 1998s original 3D models made in Softimage were "lost" in the archiving process). The ESRGAN processed 4K backgrounds also fix original 256-bit color limit and dithering artefacts.

Compare ESRGAN with Remastered version:

And for a more enjoyable experience, besides the widescreen backgrounds and the deluxe models, use the following configuration tweaks to enable joypad, antialiasing, developer mode and a better 3D renderer.




   joystick_num = 0
   gui_renderer = antialias
   antialiasing = 8

   game_devel_mode = true
   datausr_load = true
   soft_renderer = false
   renderer = opengl
   gui_renderer = antialias
   antialiasing = 8